How to Brighten the Holidays for your Senior

How to Brighten the Holidays for your Senior

The holiday season is upon us! Many of us are planning parties, holiday visits and gift shopping. This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with those we love as we reflect on the past year and await a new one. However, for many seniors, being happy during the holidays can be a struggle. This is particularly true if they are far away from family members. Fortunately, there are many activities and strategies for giving your beloved senior a sense of holiday joy. We will discuss how to brighten the holidays for your senior.

How to Brighten the Holidays for your Senior Loved One

Signs of Loneliness Among Seniors

Many of our senior loved ones don’t recognize their loneliness or the health problems that feeling lonely can cause. As a result, few will voice their need for additional support.

Look for the following signs of loneliness among seniors:

  • Under or oversleeping
  • Withdrawal from existing relationships
  • Combativeness or moodiness
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anxiety over change or visitors leaving
  • Lack of interest in normal passions
  • Decreased attention to self-care

Nostalgia, memories of lost loved ones and distance from family can all contribute to the holiday blues. With a little planning, you can brighten the holiday season for your senior loved one.

Strategies to Add Cheer to Seasonal Loneliness

There are many things you can do to cheer your senior up during seasonal loneliness, including the following:

In addition to the above strategies, providing company to your senior loved one is great way to alleviate loneliness. HomeSpark Care is committed to providing the best care for your senior loved ones in the Bryan/College Station area. Our at-home caregivers can provide companionship during the holidays. Taking care of seniors is our passion and we are proud to give back to those who have done so much for their families, communities and country. Contact us with the link below for more information!

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