Fun Easter Activities for Seniors in Bryan/College Station, TX

Easter activities for seniors

People of all ages spend time with their loved ones and celebrate spring on Easter. For many seniors in the Bryan/College Station, this holiday brings back wonderful memories of their childhood. In addition, it’s a great time to for some fun Easter activities for seniors. Therefore, we have put together a few great Easter activity ideas.

Fun Easter Activities for the Elderly in Bryan/College Station

Painting Easter Eggs

Easter Activities for Seniors

One of many great fun Easter activities for seniors in Bryan/College Station is painting Easter eggs. Dying Easter eggs can be difficult for some seniors. However, you can make sure they can enjoy the fun still by decorating the eggs with a little prep work.

Before starting this activity, use a white crayon to drawn fun shapes on eggs, such as bunnies and butterflies. Give your senior loved one some watercolors and encourage him or her to paint the eggs.  The white crayon will resist the paint and the image will reveal.

Start a Windowsill Garden

For many seniors, Easter is about the new life that begins in spring. Therefore, growing a small garden is a great way to celebrate the season.

Help your elderly loved one plant a small windowsill herb garden. This fun Easter activity can be stimulating for seniors at various levels. It can begin with your loved one watering the plants each day. Then, eventually tasting that delicious results of his or her efforts.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Activities for Seniors

Easter egg hunts in Bryan/College Station are another one of many fun Easter activities for seniors. If you have young children, consider having a small Easter egg hunt in your backyard. Your senior loved one will enjoy being outdoors and delight in being around their grandchildren.

Also, you could let your senior loved one help you hide the eggs and reminisce together about past holidays. Combine egg hunting with a walk around the community to see the flowers bloom.

A few local community Easter egg hunts in Bryan/College Station include the following:

  • The College Station Easter Celebration at the George Bush Library on March 24
  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Lincoln Recreation Center on March 30
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Hunt at Wolf Pen Creek Park on March 30

Easter Games

Both the young and old often enjoy participating in various types of Easter games. Find some Easter-themed puzzles your senior loved one might enjoy putting together. Or, print Easter bingo cards and encourage them to play for treats or other prizes.

Additionally, younger family members could introduce seniors to holiday-themed games on mobile devices, laptops or game consoles. Young children and teenagers will enjoy the chance to teach their grandparents how to play a certain game. Digital games are also great to stimulate brain activity in seniors with dementia.


Celebrating the holiday with these fun Easter activities for seniors in Bryan/College Station is great for both physical and emotional well-being in seniors. However, some families are not always able to provide the cognitive and social stimulation seniors need.

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