Exercises that are Safe for Seniors

Exercises that are safe for seniors

Only about 28%-34% of people aged 65-74 are physically active. Exercise is essential for good health, but it can be risky if not performed properly. Use these exercises that are safe for seniors to ensure they stay healthy.

Exercises that are Safe for Seniors

Without physical activity, seniors are at greater risk of health problems like heart disease. Their bones are more fragile and their blood pressure is higher.

A number of other problems can result from lack of activity. Therefore, seniors need to use safe, easy exercises to stay fit.

Simple Indoor Exercises

Exercising indoors tends to be safer for seniors than outdoors. Make sure movements are gentle and are adaptable for different limitations. Therefore, seniors won’t over-exert aging hearts, muscles and bones.

Great indoor exercises include the following:

  • Walking
  • Climbing steps
  • Indoor swimming
  • Balance exercises (while holding something stable)
  • Light bodyweight exercises like squats

Since seniors are at risk of injury (especially from overuse) when exercising, it is best for seniors to learn and practice exercises with the help of an instructor or personal trainer. Performing exercises like these with a group can also make staying active more fun.

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